The health and welfare of the makers whether handmade, produced overseas or in North America, is primordial. Globally, we can see people making every effort to respect those who manufacture their goods.  These are our people! Not only ethically made but eco responsible companies fill our racks and shelves.
You can take part in the visibility and promotion of this important cause by following Fashion Revolution in their #whomademyclothes revolution via Instagram, Facebook and on their website. In the meantime, you can check out our selection and be assured of our dedication to ethically made fashion.
Our site is here to help you navigate the massive world of fashion. We have been proponents of sustainable fashion for a long time. It began as an investigation into locally made, artisanal work and support and promote local brands in developing their businesses.  As we opened our eyes to the world, looking out into the realm of sustainable fashion, we realized how many beautiful options were out there. Bringing these brands to our city of Montreal is a goal we feel aligns with our own values. What will you find at General 54? A selection of beautifully curated responsible clothing, accessories and jewelry made with care and love towards the environment.
  • We source our brands with great care. Researching their processes and production practices while selecting the styles we feel best represent you!
  • We are looking for timeless beauty in every item.  The quality of design and product must meet our standards and we love our choices!!

At General 54, we offer many Canadian made options in clothing, accessories and jewelry. Our mandate to support and encourage small Canadian businesses is so important to our vision.  All design, creation and production must be in Canada to be considered for this category. 
Companies we have chosen for our Vegan section have made responsible and creative choices in the production of their cruelty free products.  A growing and important part of our conscious fashion revolution, we offer some great animal free products. Take a look at our selection here.