In 2003 when we opened our first brick and mortar boutique Local 23, we were amongst the young creators, musicians and artists of the Mile End in Montreal. A destination for creatives to unite, discuss, produce and sell their wares, our second boutique General 54 became a community beacon in 2006. Our mandate being to give the artisans and designers a place to experiment and grow their respective businesses. The Mile End is known for its incredible arts community and General 54 continues to be an active partner in this endeavour.

Now our community has grown! Our global union with those who understand what it means to create for the betterment of our world, is our community. Sights are honed but range far and wide to include makers from the world over. They reach us and then we reach you with their words, mandates, actions and products.

Finding you is important.  If you are reading this, you probably have an interest in knowing more about us.  If you find yourself enjoying our brick and mortar shop or here, online, maybe you have something important to tell us.  Something about yourself, your life or your ideas. We would love to hear you. We can create a global marketplace that listens and creates a community of like-minded shoppers.

Join our newsletter, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. Tell us what you think, express yourself by sending us photos of you wearing your G54 finds.  There is so much to say and you have a voice with us!