Meet our team

Owned and operated by Jennifer Glasgow and Dan Lacroix, General 54 is the only boutique in Canada to carry the complete bi-annual Glasgow collection, known for its classic and comfortable pieces. The shop also carries their in-house line Lacroix – launched in 2014, featuring beautiful jersey basics. Alongside Jennifer’s collection are well-known Canadian brands and/or ethical brands such as Birds of North America, Osei Duro and Allison Wonderland.


SANDRA | manager

My name is Sandra and I have been the manager of General 54 for 2 and a half years. In the past, I have been in charge of bringing French brands to Shanghai, personal image consultant and stylist. Mom to 2 adorable little ones.  I also practice Reiki and am currently writing a book.



AUDREY | assistant-manager

Audrey is our assistant manager and has been on our amazing team since 2015! She is a fervently militant on the subject of body diversity and the representing it in our collections. She also shares her art through illustration and embroidery here on her Instagram page. @lapositivemtl

 Amélie Charbonneau portrait


Amelie is a theatre student at Concordia and graduate in fashion design at Marie-Victorin. According to her,  you don't need a special event to dress up, you can just create your own occasion whenever you like. Feeling pretty and strong starts from the inside but shows from the outside and Amelie is always ready to help you find the perfect outfit to suit your mood.

Photo credit: Alessandra Jennifer Ross.


 Ayan Madhi portrait


"Fashion, music, hairstyling, I just can't sit still! Always on a search for personal development, when I'm not helping you find the perfect outfit, you'll find me dipping my toes in new creative waters.

With backgrounds in fashion merchandising, literature and women's studies, I find great pleasure in finding a point of commonality with people from all walks of life."




Dan Lacroix | CFO 

At once dutifully diligent and organized, Dan is also a pile of fun.  Running his own accounting business while taking care of General 54's purchasing and partying, Dan also finds time to golf, fish and camp in his time off.

He is the guy that makes sure everyone is paid on time! He is also Jennifer's partner in Jennifer Glasgow Design and life-partner. @ledjah



Jennifer | CEO

Jennifer began her story in 2003 when she opened her first boutique Local 23 in the artist neighbourhood of the Mile End in Montreal. She went on to open General 54 in 2006 as there were too many amazing designers and not enough space.  She runs her own eponymous brand with a great in-house team.  Her sustainable and ethically made clothing is made in Montreal and General 54 is where you can find it all.